Tears and Cheers

I love watching Grey's Anatomy. I know first hand how far fetched this funny drama is from the realities of resident life (at least I hope my husband is not sleeping with other residents...hmmm...three of them are pregnant now...two just had babies...wait!). I still love the show and I think it is because of the quirks of each of the residents and underneath all of the love triangle drama there are somethings that are very much our reality. Residents give their lives over to their work. They work extremely long hours and a lot of times it is a great emotional rollercoaster. They have to figure out a way to walk away from a delivery that went terribly wrong into the next room moments later and hope for the best possible outcome. We are thankful that they can do this and that they are not just patients to them. They are real people and while having a baby can be the most exciting and wonderful moment it can also be the most scary and sometimes heartbreaking too. So I digress.

Bailey has a rough character to play and I think this is because her life is most revealing to the realities of resident life. When you give everything you have for twelve to thirty-six hours straight how to find more to give to your spouse and kids waiting at home. Some days there is nothing left and yet you have to find a way. I know that I have placed some very crazy expectations on Bret (attend all school functions, take sick days sometimes to stay home with the kids, we take dinner in and eat in the lounge when he is working weekends and nights, when he is home he has to help around the house and take extra one on one time with the kids). We have struggled but are finally starting to find our way through this maze.

So last night as I was watching Grey's I was immediately filled with tears as I watched the older married couple (sorry if you have it DVR'd and haven't watched it yet) and their story unfold. It was refreshing to see a happily married couple on the show and for my favorite character to see this view into what it can be like. I hope that she keeps fighting and not let go so easy of something that can be so great. It's funny how perspective can change everything in just a glance.

So tell me do you have a favorite Grey's character? I think McSteamy is by far hotter than McDreamy but I still wish that George was not batting for the other team. Leave a comment and tell me your favorite Grey's character or moment.

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