Favorite Things About Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving (and my birthday) quickly approach I thought I would be fun to give a top ten favorite things list. I love lists and didn't really have anything to blog about that wasn't me complaining about another month of nights or highlights of my shopping (don't worry it will come) for Christmas so here it is.

#10. My house smells like pumpkin, bread, turkey, and stuffing and just things that warms you from the inside out for a week without having to light a candle. I wonder if you could capture that smell in a candle.

#9. The "feel like you are doing a good deed" feeling that I get from adopting a family and buying their Thanksgiving day feast.

#8. Free turkey from Reading Hospital.

#7. Little Pilgrim hats and hand turkeys made by my children for their school celebrations.

#6. Birthday presents from family and friends on or around the day.

#5. Scanning the actual Black Friday ads, making my schedule and lists, and going to bed a little early so that I can hit it hard at 3 am the next day.

#4. Getting to sleep in a few minutes longer b/c of the Macy T-Day parade that can keep my kids' attention just a little longer. (We will go to this before we move any further away from NYC...Bret has promised)

#3. The "holy cows I am going to be ill or pass out" feeling you get after eating pie when you were already so full that my maternity pants (not pregnant) are not holding up and then napping while in between watching football.

#2. Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, green bean casserole, salad, cranberry jelly, rolls, sweet potatoes, and pie, pie, and more pie! (pumpkin, pecan, cream, fruit, you name it)

#1. Looking around the table with tears in my eyes to see the people who matter most to me and taking a moment to thank GOD for everything that he has blessed me with. I have been very blessed this last year and have so much to be thankful for everyday.

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