Did you know?

I have seen several other posts on people's blogs like this and thought it would be fun. It was actually much harder than I thought it would be. Hopefully none of it is that TMI. Here are 100 things that you may or may not have know about me:

100. I hate to floss but am afraid enough of getting cavities to do it somewhat regularly.
99. I am currently writing a book that I have been plotting in my head for over four years….don’t even bother asking because I won’t tell you anything about it.
98. I am an avid reader and have averaged 4 books a month since I was 9 years old.
97. I record 3 shows a day with my DVR and then watch everything when Bret is on nights and the kids are in bed.
96. I have never been able to stick to a diet longer than two days.
95. Even though I have a degree in finance and an MBA I am not very good with money management.
94. I adore my children but long for a couple more.
93. I still believe that you can be a successful career mom, super wife, and incredible mom while still having time for yourself.
92. I loath doing laundry and usually let it pile up for a couple of weeks until Bret complains that he has no clean boxers.
91. Bret and I already have the plans for the house we are going to build someday and have for a couple of years now.
90. I have always wanted to but never been able to keep a journal for more than a day or two.
89. If I could meet anyone dead or alive for lunch it would be my grandmother on my mom’s side (even though she spoke only Spanish which I don’t speak…but surely since it would be my dream there would be an interpreter or something right?)
88. My favorite characteristic of my daughter is her confidence. She is not afraid to walk her own path in life.
87. My favorite characteristic in my son is his charm. People (myself included) are always amazed at how sweet he is.
86. When I feel like crying I watch the movie Beaches.
85. I never wanted kids before I met Bret.
84. We got pregnant even though I was on birth control with Emily.
83. We wanted our kids to be 2 ½ years apart and Emily & Palmer is 2 years 6 months and 1 day apart (July 22, 2004 & January 23, 2007). Our very first try was a success.
82. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because I always got to open presents since my birthday was so close by.
81. I have written letters to my children, husband, sister, etc. in case something ever happened to me. I update them every year and keep the old ones.
80. My high school boyfriend died a week before my first child was born due to an aneurysm. I didn’t find out until a year later when his mom tracked me down. I think it was fate that kept me from finding out since I was very high risk at that time due to pre eclampsia (high blood pressure) and finding out would have put the baby and me at serious risk due to the added stress.
79. I am a devout Catholic that respects other people’s beliefs but quietly believes that all other Christian religion’s stemmed from someone disagreeing with a part of Catholic dogma that they wanted to change so they made up their own religion.
78. I love coffee but I have to have it with a lot of skim milk and splenda.
77. I would like to be a professor on a tenure track someday.
76. I have not yet figured out what I would teach.
75. My favorite line from a book is “when your daughter is born you just met the person who will hold your hand on your deathbed.”
74. I believe in marriage and take my wedding vows seriously. I think divorce is too quickly the answer and that people jump in to marriage faster than a new pair of shoes.
73. I love K-State football and the whole shebang- tailgating, going to the game, drinking afterwards.
72. I love going out with my girlfriends a couple times a year to drink and dance and have to call our husbands to come pick us up.
71. When I am stressed out I grind my teeth and clench my jaw while I sleep. It makes my mouth hurt for days and only happens during really stressful times.
70. I can drink tequila like water (or at least I used to) and one time drank 21 shots in a contest on spring break.
69. I love to take long hot baths and soak until I am so wrinkly that it hurts.
68. There are always two or three different candles burning in my home...I love the smell.
67. When I was pregnant with Palmer I ate Buffalo wings and Buffalo sauce on everything for 3 months straight. (Buffalo pizza, salad, wings, sandwiches, tenders) I cringe at the thought now.
66. When I was pregnant with Emily I craved pie and watermelon. I ate an entire watermelon by myself in one sitting.
67. I could eat a hamburger and French fries for lunch or dinner everyday and not get bored or tired of it.
66. I love my parents very much but think that they didn’t do the greatest job as parents.
65. My next car will be a brand new fully loaded GMC Arcadia. It may be a while.
64. I am incredibly impulsive and spontaneous and it is a good thing that Bret is quite the opposite or we would be broke.
63. I love it when the weather is really bad outside and we can stay in our PJ’s all day, bake cookies, and watch movies.
62. Becoming a mother physically and emotionally and spiritually changed me and made me more whole.
61. I suffered severe depression when we first move to PA but now know that it was the best thing that could have ever happened to us.
60. I am now more educated (come on my husband is an OB/GYN) on the many shades of gray on the issue of abortion and how it is almost never a black and white choice….however this has made me resolute and convinced that it is not only wrong but must be made illegal. A child is created at the point of conception and should be protected at all costs.
59. Even so, I can honestly say that I have never judged someone based on the choices that they have made. He without sin…
58. When my in-laws came to visit I broke out into severe hives and had to take steroids. They are convinced that it was because of them and the stress….I really don’t think so but the mind is a mysterious thing. We will see since they are coming for a week over Thanksgiving.
57. I wear the same jewelry everyday and change what I am wearing about once a month maybe (and only then I change one necklace for another or put on a different pair of earrings).
56. I have two children, Emily who is 4 and Palmer who will be 2 in January.
55. I met my husband the spring semester of my freshman year.
54. I knew Bret and I were meant to be together when he spent our first evening together telling me about the problems he was having with a girl he really liked but she didn’t know he existed.
53. I think that Bret knew we were meant to be together when the second night we hung out together I spent the evening taking care of him and cleaning up his vomit after his frat party. (What it was his birthday and I felt sorry for him).
52. Out of the five years that I have been married: Anniversary Year 1 Bret was in New Orleans taking a class and I was in KC pregnant w/Emily, Year 2 Bret was in KC and I was living in Wichita b/c of work and school, Year 3 I was pregnant with Palmer and deathly ill, Year 4 Bret was in PA and I was in KS, and finally in Year 5 we had a nice romantic anniversary. Good thing an anniversary doesn’t make a marriage.
51. I have one sister and one brother…although my sister-in-law has been in my family for over 10 years and is no different than my other sister. I also have a cousin that is the same as a sister too.
50. I almost passed out during my sister’s wedding because I was pregnant (no one knew this of course) and it was July and I forgot to eat anything before hand.
49. I also forgot the wedding ring in the room we got ready in and had to ask someone to run and grab it during the ceremony without garnering too much attention. (While trying really hard not to pass out) I’m a bad maid of honor L but at least the bride had no idea what was going on until much later
48. The scariest moment in my life was when Palmer’s heart rate dropped during delivery and they rushed us back to the operating room.
47. One of the sweetest sounds I have ever heard was his first cry and I finally realized that he was OK.
46. I get my feelings hurt easily and take personal offense when people don’t include me.
45. One of the bravest people I know is my Godmother who recently won an ugly battle with breast cancer with the most dignity and humility and humbleness I have ever witnessed. She is the mother and wife that I want to be.
44. I am terrified that I will one day get breast cancer as it runs like water through my family.
43. I have never read the same book twice.
42. I am half Hispanic although I have extremely pasty skin and blue eyes.
41. I used to think I was adopted and was convinced that someday my parents would confess.
40. When I got older I was convinced that my parents got pregnant before they got married and that I was the only reason they got married in the first place.
39. I like all fruits except Oranges but only because I don’t like to peel them.
38. I smoked for four years quit for two years started for a year and haven’t had a cigarette in three years. If I had even one I would be hooked again and quitting each time was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.
37. I don’t understand how I can successfully quit smoking twice but can’t lose weight. Both are mind over matter right?
36. I have never been to a therapist but think that I would benefit from it…I worry about being able to afford it and not knowing where to start.
35. I used to think that I was from a great home and had a great childhood…as I got older I realized that our families problems are so much worse than anyone could have ever guessed.
34. One of my proudest moments was when my mom and aunt took their Naturalization oaths to become US citizens.
33. I think every high school civics class should be required to attend a citizenship ceremony once. I think that they would have an eye opening experience when they realize how hard these people had to work to get this point and how proud they were of something that most of us take for granted.
32. The final for the high school civics class should be the citizenship exam questions. It is much harder than you would ever guess.
31. My middle name is Marcella and I have no other family with this name.
30. I cried when we sold our house in KS because it was our first real home as a family and because Bret and I had worked really hard to get to that point.
29. I have worked in financial aid at a university for five years…nine if you include when I was a student worker.
28. Bret and I have been financially independent since college. I can honestly say that I put him through EMT school, medical school, and myself through grad school.
27. It makes me feel better to know that I supported us for so long since he will make six times as much as I do for the rest of our lives.
26. The only fight that Bret and I have ever had over money was when there wasn’t enough and it was never anger at each other just stress in what to do.
25. The only arguments that Bret and I have ever had was over stupid things like whose turn it was to decide what to eat for dinner. Our biggest fights were because we were both hungry and grumpy.
24. I have only had two cell phones in my entire life. (Bret has had over 10)
23. I have absolutely no idea where we are going to be living in 2 ½ years (not even what state).
22. I have the weakest stomach in the world and gag at the slightest unpleasant smell.
21. One year at Christmas Emily got sick all over me and I turned and got sick all over my presents. Emily and I then ran to the bathroom together and continued to vomit in the toilet together. I was not sick at all just pregnant. They had to unwrap all of my presents and have me close me eyes and hand each one to me.
20. I really understood how much Bret loved me when he was seriously willing to give up everything (a competitive residency spot here and start over after almost a year to go to a place that didn’t want him originally and was going to make him repeat his first year) to move back to KS because I was so unhappy in PA.
19. It was a that moment that I realized that if Bret was dying and they told me that I needed to move to Africa to save him or something that I wouldn’t even think twice about it. My entire outlook on PA changed and finally everything started to get better. I realized how much I loved Bret too.
18. I love the seasons and could never live anywhere there was not a distinct difference between winter, spring, summer, and fall.
17. The only thing I requested about where we would move was that we were close to a D1 school…but even that is negotiable.
16. I don’t have anything very good to say about high school so I almost never do…Bret has met less than five people I knew from high school.
15. My mentor passed away a few years ago and the most important thing that he ever told me was “Don’t be dumb”…think about it as it is much more profound than at first glance. I miss him terribly and will remember him always.
14. One of the things that made me fall harder in love with Bret was when during his interview for medical school he was asked if he could have dinner with anyone dead or alive who would it be he said his wife’s grandfather. He told them that he had heard a lot about him and thinks that they would have gotten along great. That meant so much to me and was such a surprise.
13. I love to take classes to learn how to do things. I have taken cake decorating classes, quilting classes, and cooking classes.
12. I make baby blankets and burp clothes for all of my friends that have babies. I also love to make diaper cakes.
11. I would like to own a business someday that my mom, aunt, sister, and cousin all work at together. I am just not sure what kind of business yet.
10. College really was some of the best days of my life.
9. I love taking vacations and enjoy taking the kids along. My kids will have seen parts of the world by the time that they are in high school that I only dreamed about.
8. I am extremely self-conscious and worry about my weight, my ability to be a good mom, wife, employee, etc.
7. I didn’t realize until we moved here how Kansas I really was and how big of a difference the Midwest was from the rest of the country.
6. I miss my girlfriends in Wichita more than anything. I think it was the first time ever that I had close girlfriends to go have drinks with, go to the movies, or just stay home and scrapbook until all hours of the night. I don’t know if I will ever find that again.
5. Sometimes I think that my daughter’s personality is so much like mine that I am staring at a mirror.
4. I think my daughter is one of the most beautiful little girls I have ever seen. Biased I know but since she was a baby random strangers would stop and tell us the same thing.
3. I cringe at the though of dealing with a teenage daughter.
2. Even though I hate living in a tiny apartment, and even though money could be a little less tight I am so very happy and content with my life.
1. I am so far from perfect but am learning to get more comfortable in my skin almost like a good pair of jeans after several washes.


kim said...

Glad you found me on facebook! Looks like you're doing well. Congrats on the kiddies and wow...that was some list. I know more about you than I ever did in high school! And I agree, there are only a handful of high school people I still talk to!

Adriana said...

To be honest I found your blog before I found you on facebook from Rose's blog. You look fantastic and are doing great. Your girls are beautiful and you seem so happy. I also read Erin's blog and found it fasinating that she and I had a lot of the same experiences with husbands in residency. Keep up with the great blogs as I really enjoy them with my morning cup of Joe.