The Most Magical Place on Earth

We are back from our vacation to Disney World and I have to say that Disney lived up to it's infamouse reputation. We met the characters, saw the shows, rode the rides, and waived at the parades. Although trying to squeeze everything into four days was a lot we enjoyed every minute and made a lifetime of memories too.

My all time favorite moment of the week was when Emily first met some of the princesses. The look on her face was priceless and hard for me to even begin to describe. She is at an age that these really are the people she has watched, played with dolls of, and loved for a while now. She new everyone's name and all about "their story". They too were everything she could have hoped for. They were magical, beautiful, and very sweet. The thing that amazed me was that although there was a line waiting to see them they took their time and talked to the kids, took a ton of pictures with them, they held Palmer, and danced with Emily. Those five minutes totally revolved around the child right in front of them and no one else existed at that moment. Palmer had a thing for red heads and fell head over heels in love with Aerial. She plopped a big lipstick full kiss on his check and you would have thought he had died and went to heaven.

Bret and I got to ride the rides and found that they two were a load of fun. This was the perfect time of year to go. There was no rain, it wasn't too hot, and the parks were pretty empty. The longest ride we waited in was 15 minutes and that was only once or twice.

The worst moment of the trip was when we lost Emily. We left a big show and headed for a bench on the parade route. It took about 10 minutes max to reach the bench and when we did we realized that Emily was no where to be found. I ran back to the last show we were at and started to panic because she was no where to be found. I turned to go towards the nearest employee and found Emily standing next to that employee who was on the phone. Emily was scared but not crying. The employee told me that I had a very bright young lady. Emily went straight to that lady and told her that her name was Emily Heskett and she couldn't find her mommy and daddy. She also told the lady our names and that she is from PA. I don't remember having a conversation with Emily about what to do if we were seperated.

Panic moment aside everything went really well and we had a perfect trip. We are here for about a week and half and then off to KS we go.

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randi said...

Adriana- The back to sleep campaign is still on with infants. Alexis refused to sleep on her back and would scream for up to two hours when we would try. As soon as we rolled her over she was out right away (no exaggeration). We went to our doctor for answers since AA and premature babies are at higher risk for SIDS. She diagnosed Alexis with silent reflux and explained that the belly was more comfortable for Alexis and it was safe to put her there (she was 4 months at the time). Our OT and PT have told me that babies should sleep on their tummy's for development, but the medical community at large would disagree. Which is why I say - interesting...

Sounds like you all had fun! Emily is a smart girl to find a worker and tell them all the important information. It's my hope Natalie would know to do that too (although not now - we're doing good to remember we live in "tucky.").