What a way to kick off a vacation!

Last night I went to a neighbor's house to drop something off. I was coming down the stairs and made it to the last one. When I stepped off the last step onto the sidewalk my foot landed on a toy that was laying around. I was holding Palmer in my left arm and we both hit the ground hard. Palmer's head hit the concrete very hard. I was ok, my knees are the size of softballs and I am scraped from the elbow to my hand. Palmer got a big goose egg on the left side of his head just above and behind his ear. Besides crying like crazy he seemed fine. We hung out for a while and then had to run to Lancaster for a couple of last minute items before leaving today for Disney. When we had just pulled into Lancaster Palmer started vomiting. This is when things got a little scary. Bret and I both knew that vomiting after hitting your head hard means swelling and that we should probably get to a doctor soon. Funny thing, I cleaned my car yesterday at lunch so there was nothing in it to help clean anything. We stopped at a gas station to get directions to the closest hospital because Oh yeah I forgot my cell phone at home and Bret's was completely dead. What are the chances of that? We found out that the Lancaster hospital was about as far away as the Reading Hospital at home. So we turned around and headed for home. At this time it was after 8 pm and Palmer is tired and trying to keep him awake meant either screaming or sleeping. Poor Emily kept gagging from the smell because she was blessed with her mother's weak stomach. We get home, I give Palmer a quick bath and change his clothes. Bret decides to call the pediatrician to let him know that we are coming and I take Emily to the neighbors house. I get back and Bret said the ped said that he thinks Palmer is fine and that we needed to keep him awake for a few more hours and then wake him up every hour for most of the night. This is much easier said than done. Poor Palmer was a good sport about everything but was so tired that he kept falling asleep sitting up. We took baths, watched tv, etc. trying to keep him awake. I felt horrible when he kept saying Ni-Night mama! In the mean time I managed to do two loads of laundry, pack, and pick up the house. We all finally fell asleep for the night at about 3am.

Besides being tired and a little sore we are all fine. We leave for Disney early this evening and we hope to have a very uneventful vacation. I am hoping that we have now gotten the drama out of the way for the trip.

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