Yeah for History!

So my crazy husband who seems to have way to much time on his hands during the middle of the night while on the labor floor this month managed to trace my paternal family geneology all the way back to the early 1600's and when my too many great's to count grandfather came to America on a boat from Switzerland of all places.

While there is a lot know about my paternal grandmother's family there has never been a lot that I knew about or at least told about my paternal grandfather's family. Besides being surprised that we are originally from Switzerland I was also shocked to find out that we first setteled right in here in Lancaster, PA. That same great grandfather was one of the first people in this country to be warranted land from Sir William Penn himself. In fact there is a stone house that still stands and has been relocated to the historical society. There has been books written and there are copies of all kinds of important paperwork. Although I am not normally a history type of person even I think that this discovery is kind of cool. So this weekend we are planning on taking a voyage to find these long lost treasures of my past. For any of you die hard history buffs I included a couple of links that details this information.



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