I hate mornings

I am one of those moms that subscribes and reads three different parenting magazines. Although I think a lot of their ideas about how to make home life better or new ways to teach things to the kids are a little far fetched for this KS mom I try to keep an open mind and try new things.

Mornings in our house are sometimes brutal to be honest. Emily is crying or pouting depending on which moment you catch her in, Palmer is hysterical with hunger and thirst, and I am trying to stay calm and get us out the door. The answer always seems so simple, get up earlier and try to get more done the night before. I do this really I do. I pack everyone's lunches the night before, the kids bathe the night before, and I lay out our clothes the night before. It doesn't matter. My kids go to be no later than 8:30pm and usually as early 8 and they are up and out of bed before I get out of the shower on most days. I get up between 6 and 6:30 and only take about 20 minutes to get myself ready. We need to be in the car pulling away by 7:35 for me to be at work on time comfortably. 45 minutes should be enough time to get the kids dressed and out the door. There is no single point of melt down either. Sometimes it is what Emily is going to wear, how her hair is fixed that day or simply that she got her because she fell down or her and Palmer were fighting over who knows what. I give Palmer a granola bar or pop tart while getting him dressed and he wants a drink. I give him both and he still gets mad b/c Emily has what he wants. I think it all boils down to WE ARE NOT MORNING PEOPLE. Pre-kids Bret and I didn't talk to each other before we were walking out the door and it usually was a simple "have a great day" or "love ya". We are not chipper people in the am and probably never will be so I can only imagine how horrible the next 18 years of getting kids out the door is going to be when I can't just rush them through dressing and getting out of bed.

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