The Heskett's are famous...kind of

Tonight is the last night on nights...at least for this month. I am so relieved that we survived this month. It was definitely not the easiest of months for us but I don't think any of the other rotations that he does is that bad. Days is bad but not this bad I don't think. For those not in the resident world...nights rotation is 7pm to 8 am on the labor floor. Days is 7am to 7pm on the labor floor.

On a much happier note. I submitted a picture of our family dressed up last year as the wizard of OZ for Halloween to parents magazines website. The article was about Halloween costumes made by real moms. Our picture is number 10 listed out of 20 costumes for this category. While it is not like we are on the cover or the magazine it is still a big deal to me. Thousands of pictures were submitted and ours was chosen. I make the costumes because I enjoy it but it is always nice when someone else pats you on the back and makes you feel good about the work you do. If you are interested here is the link to our picture and part of the article.

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