What did I get myself into?

I love to do crafty things. I like making homemade Halloween costumes, baby blankets, Christmas cards, etc. I also like helping out with things like throwing a baby shower, bridal shower, themed birthday parties, etc. I start with the fact that I like doing these things because I have to keep reminding myself that when I start to panic that they are not getting done on time or that they are not coming out the way I want them to, etc.

My husband says that it is just a process I go through. I start by being excited...picking out fabric, deciding on a theme these are all fun and exciting times. Then I step into the overwhelmed stage. Holy cows, what did I get myself into, how am I ever going to get this done? Then frustration, as in I am never going to this again, next time I am just going to say no. Then panic, I am never going to finish this project, it looks terrible. Finally relief and pride. It looks great, I love doing this, I am so proud. Right now I am at that stage with Halloween costumes. In my defense we are going to be gone to Disney World for a week and then off to KS for a short trip. This cuts heavily into my costume sewing time. We will get there. I always thought that if I stayed home I would have more time but that was not true last year. Time at home with the kids is just not more time. I will keep you posted on the stages of this process so for now it is to be continued.

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