A Big Fan

Last night I went and saw Jodi Picoult speak and it was really great. I am a big fan and can honestly say I have read all of her books and get signed up on the waitlist asap when I find out a new book is coming out. She ended up being a great speaker too. She talked about how she got into writting and then how she wrote three of her books. She was a very down to earth person that felt like one of your girlfriends. She is a mom and will tell her that she simply moonlights as a writer. She is inspiring and makes everyone around her want to write and most importantly feel like they can write. I loved listening to her and meeting her it was awesome.

My favorite line of the night that she said was "you can always edit garbage but you can't edit a blank page". My favorite line from her book Change of Heart was, "When you give birth to a daughter you have just met the person who is going to hold your hand on your death bed." How profound is that? As a daughter and a mother I just thought wow.

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