Welcome to the crazy lives of the Heskett's

As an avid follower of several friends' blogs I thought what better way to keep family and friends from KS and all over updated on the going ons of our lives.

After tonight we have one more week of nights rotation. For those who don't already know nights is awful. Essentially Bret works from 7pm to 8am Sunday night through Thursday night with half a day of clinic on Friday mornings. Since he gets home after we leave and has to be at work a little before seven we get about an hour with him everyday. The bright side of this is that we get weekends off..sort of. It is hard to really say that we have our weekends when Bret is on a crazy sleep schedule and it hard to get him motivated to do anything but sleep late and take a nap in the afternoon. Did I mention that nights also makes both of crazy grumpy? Bret is tired and just doesn't feel good from being up all night and I am stressed and tired (really more than usual).

Although somethings are better about second year 3 months of nights is not better. But as I said earlier one more week for this month will allow us to check one month off the list for the year (fyi the next two months are November and January..ugh)

On an up note the Heskett's (+ Rosalee) are going to Disney World! I have been surprised at the number of people who have responded to this news with the feeling that it is a waste to take the kids this young because they won't remember anything. So what? It is not like we will never go back and besides should we not do anything with our kids because they may or may not remember any of it? I guess that is why I spend hours upon hours scrapbooking so that I can help them remember. Not to mention Bret and I have never been and we are totally excited too.

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Randi said...

We took Natalie to Disneyland when she was 17 months old. She LOVED it! She enjoyed the rides, she got a kick out of the life-size characters, and she was enthralled with the parade. The only thing she wasn't crazy about was the firecrackers that ended the night. As her parents, it was fun to see her enjoy the park so much. Looking back - we were thrilled we had the opportunity to take her and wouldn't have changed the trip. We do so much with our kids that they might not remember, but they enjoy it for the moment - blowing bubbles, coloring with outside chalk, going to the park.