The Baby turned 3

To little people there is usually one thing that describes a big event to them.  When it comes to birthdays for most kids it is the presents.  For Easton it has always been cake.  Bret and I would ask Easton what he wanted for his birthday and the moment the word birthday came out of your mouth he would yell "CAKE"!!  If you asked him what kind of cake he wanted he would tell you "in my mouth, YUM!"  It was hilarious and became one of our favorite party tricks to show everyone when Easton was around.

Besides cake Easton's other major passion in life is Paw Patrol.  If you haven't watched this show it is about a little boy who has rescued several pet dogs that each have a skill used to rescue whoever is in trouble (usually the mayor or her pet chicken).    Easton would sing the songs from the show and new every character and most of the episodes on Nick Jr.  So of course when it came time to work on Easton's birthday there was no choice but to have a Paw Patrol birthday cake for his little party with family and a few friends.

The good news was that because this show was relatively new we knew exactly what to get him that we didn't already have.

This cake turned out better than some of my past ones.  My friend came over a few days in advance and we made our fondant and rolled out all of the pieces and gave them a chance to set up and dry.  I watched a couple Youtube videos to remind myself the tips and tricks to covering a cake and it helped a lot.  Funny I remember watching the video and seeing them use a tool that I happened to have but hadn't used in forever.  What a difference!

Easton is such a fun and easy kid.  He was by far the easiest kid I ever potty trained.  He is fiercely independent and has no problem helping himself especially if he is hungry.  While he loves to play with his siblings he also loves being home by himself when they are at school. 

I love having him home with me and I will miss him tremendously as he starts school.  A couple of years until he is in school all day feels so very soon!  It is good to know that he is ready for preschool next year and will love every second of it.

Easton goes pretty much anywhere with me and is pretty easy going.  He goes to a mom's day out drop off a couple times a week and refers to it as his school.  He never minds a babysitter or the gym nursery.  He is just pretty easy going for the most part.

Easton always thinks of himself as one of the big kids.  The other day as he and I headed to the car to run errands he told me "I call the seat" which is what the older kids say about the middle bucket seat next to the one with his carseat in it.  He had no idea what he was calling but he has heard it so many times he felt it necessary to call dibs.

While the poor kids has to go to more practices, games, and errands than any of the other kids he also gets a lot of one on one time with mom.  Sometimes I think about how young I was when I had Emily (23) and how much stress we were going through when Palmer was so young and I know that I am savoring Easton's early years so much more.  I have more time and patience now than ever before.  I rock Easton to sleep for his naps sometimes and never complain when he wants me to hold him when he doesn't feel good or is tired.  We spend so much time putting puzzles together and reading books.  Our everyday life while the big kids are at school is just at our own pace and I love every second of it.

He is such a joy and blessing in our lives and loved by all of us.  He was the missing piece in our family and I can't imagine our lives without him.

Happy Birthday Easton!



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