6 months

Easton George is six months old. 

 I think it has to have been the fastest six months of my life.

Dear Easton,

You are six months old!  How did that happen?  You are the happiest baby.  The comments I get from most people is that they have never seen such a content baby.  You hang out and go wherever we go.  You love to watch your crazy brothers and your sister can always make you smile.  You love to jump around in your jumper and you love anything that crinkles.  You love to eat any veggie that is not green (not a fan of green beans or peas but we are still trying) and you love to nurse.  You are still not sleeping through the but you are so sweet that I don't mind too much.  I would hold you forever and all the time but...you are the fourth child and usually not the loudest with your demands.

I think you are the youngest baby I have ever had that can hold his own bottle.  I blame it on the fact that you learn what you need to survive :)  You smile when anyone talks to you probably because you are just glad to be getting some extra attention.  You have filled a hole in our lives that we didn't know existed but that feels like it was always there.  In the not to distant future you will be wrestling with your brothers and running around like they do.

I love that you  know your mom and dad's voices.  Your head follows us around a room and when your dad comes home whistling you hear him and look for the door.  You can always make your dad smile with one of your grins.  When you smile your whole face lights up.  You show us what Tara means when she says smile with your eyes.
We love you very much.  This mommy would really appreciate it if you could make the next six months slow down just a little.



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