The Dress

In a girl's life there are many important life memories that are marked by a special dress.  This starts sometimes with a baptismal gown, a first communion dress, a graduation dress, prom, and of course your wedding dress.
I loved my wedding dress.  It was definitely the type of dress for that when I put it on I knew it was the one.  It made me feel beautiful.  It was very simple and elegant.  I put the dress on the morning of my wedding and didn't take it off until the early hours of the next day (because we partied all night and left at the butt crack of dawn the next day for our honeymoon).
My mom paid to have the dress cleaned and put into a special preservation box to save.  As the years past and Emily was born I decided very early on that I wanted to have something made for her from my dress.  I knew that she would want her own dress but I still wanted to preserve this special dress to pass down to my only daughter.  So I decided to have her first communion dress made from it.

Emily is making her first communion this April and the time came to get the dress out and ready to take to the seamstress.  Of course when I opened it the first thing I wanted to do was try it on.  IT FIT!  Ten years later and the dress still fit.  Needless to say I was pretty excited to wear it again and even though Bret and my mom were a little surprised it fit they both agreed that it was a great dress for me. 

I took Emily this week to get measurements and to hand over my dress.  Emily's eyes got really wide when she realized that it meant cutting up the dress.  She was really sad because she said it was such a pretty dress.  She mentioned saving it for her but quickly agreed that she would want to pick out her own wedding dress someday instead.  I think it makes her feel like her first communion dress is really special which is exactly what I hoped for.

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