About six months ago Bret and I starting looking at doing some major remodeling work.  You might remember the bathroom situation?  Well between the bathrooms, our tiny garage, needing another bedroom upstairs, and the tiny back yard Bret and I came to the realization that this house was not our forever home.  So we starting looking at other houses for down the line.  The more we looked the more the truth settled in that we really wanted to build our dream home someday.

So we looked for and purchased a lot of land.  The plan was to take a year or so to save up more money and pay off more debt and then build our home.  Plans are funny things.  Word in our small town spread that we bought land.  This past October we were contacted by a real estate agent (our kid's piano teacher) asking to see the house.

Bret and I talked about it and decided to go ahead and show it.  We came to this crazy decision because we knew that our house was a hard one to sell.  It sat empty for 18 months before we bought it.  There is nothing really wrong with our house but a yellow Victorian house in this part of the country is not something you see very often and not a house that sells quickly.  Nothing came of that showing and we didn't think anything about it until February.

The same couple asked to see the house again even though it was still not on the market and we were still not planning to sell it for about another year.  We talked about it again and decided that if the offered X dollars we would move into a rental and start building our house.  Two days later they offered almost exactly X dollars but wanted the house in 60 days.

So come April 1st we are moving our family of 6 into a tiny rental home and are starting to build our dream home.  Plans are funny things huh?

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