This is a picture of what was left of our combined loot the morning after V-Day. The cupcakes were from two different members (remember I said morning after so there are a few missing).

Emily has 24 kids in her class and Palmer has 12. That means they got about 34 Valentine's plus a few extra from other friends and the ones they made for themselves. OY!

Bret does not have a real sweet tooth. Candy can sit around for weeks right out in front of him and he never gets tempted. Palmer is the same way. Palmer would much rather have cupcakes than candy. We gave each of his friends one of those sticky and stretch bugs instead of candy. Emily gave sugar free gum. In return we got A LOT of candy. Most of Palmer's class gave one piece of candy with a little card. Emily's class all gave filled treat bags.

Emily, Logan, and I are the worst about candy. I have to literally hide it from us. I have candy hidden all over my kitchen and freezer. If it is out in plain site I will eat and Logan will beg for it. Emily knows this about me so she hides her own candy. What a bad habit I have created!!

Emily asked me very seriously last night what we were going to do with all of these treats! I have no idea. I hope they disappear quickly and preferably not on my thighs. Hope you had a great V-day!

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