In our world DQ used to stand for Dairy Queen which was usually a pretty good thing. Now that Emily is swimming in meets we have been introduced to a new definition for DQ...disqualified.
This weekend was Emily's home meet. She was excited to try a couple different events. For the first time she wanted to try the 100 IM. This is a medly race meaning that she swims four laps one of each stroke (25 butterfly, 25 back, 25 breast, and finish with 25 freestyle). It is a tough event for the younger ones but Emily was insistant that she try and we let her decide what she swims for the most part.
Emily had a great meet. She placed in all three of her events until her 25 meter butterfly. She got disqualified. Butterfly is by far the toughest stroke to do well. The two things that always catch Emily is that your arms must always come all the way out of the water and you must keep your feet together. When you get a little tired these are tough things to keep up with. Like any event the rulings depend on the refs. Some meets the refs are little easier on the younger ones than others. Our meet ref was tough and pretty much DQ all of the 8 and under butterfly competitors.
Emily had been DQ before...it is part of the sport especially for the younger ones. However, she was ready to make some corrections and get ready for her last even which also included 25 meters of the fly.
Emily did awesome in her 100IM....but the ref once again DQ her. Her coach was really upset and argued with the head ref but lost. When Emily got finished I had to tell her and the big tears that welled up in her eyes was almost more than I could take. This was the first time that she really felt she gave it her all and she was super disappointed. She would have gotten first place for the first time in any event.
Her grandparents that were spectating were frustrated with the ref as was I. We focused on the positive but we could just see Emily's disappointment. We are all so very proud of her. We have told her all of the things needed (next time, you tried your best, etc) and she knows that. It is still hard.

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