A few weeks ago Emily came home and announced that "we" needed to practice her spelling more to help her get ready for the weekly tests.

Emily's weekly spelling test has 12 words and 2-3 sentences using words that are not part of the original 12 words. Every week they have a practice test on Wednesday. If they score a 100% on the practice test then they get a sticker or pencil and they don't have to take the actual test on Friday, instead they get free time in the classroom as long as they are quiet. Emily had never gotten a 100%.

Feeling a little guilty for not noticing that she needed help I jumped right in and started testing Emily daily on her spelling words. It wasn't until that day that I really looked at her spelling tests (they come home once a month) and that last month had gotten worse with a few B's and one C. To help her even more I downloaded an app on the ipad that allowed me to input her words for the week. The app then tested her and to her it felt like a game. Emily has gotten 3 100% in the last month and only missed one on all of the other tests. The improvement has been awesome and she is so proud of herself.

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The Websters said...

Ugh. Spelling. I was always terrible at that. Good for you all!