Christmas Morning

Every year for the past seven years our Christmas traditions and when we open presents and when Santa comes has been a little different. It drives me crazy. Our traditions have been moved around depending on Bret's work schedule, when we were going to be with family, and when we were going to go to mass. I am not saying that these are not good reasons to revolve around. What I am saying is that I always thought we would make traditions that would stick. As a kid we always opened presents on Christmas Eve.

This year was once again a little different than the previous years. We opened our presents on Christmas Eve after we got home from mass and had dinner. Since we were hosting Christmas lunch (with 25 guests) we decided it was best to have the present mania done the night before. Santa came that morning. Palmer and Logan's gift from Santa was big this year so Santa had to be creative in how he got them to their gifts.

That Santa is sure creative :)

Santa had a ribbon with each of the kid's name on it leading them to their gift.

Brinley and Emily had their gifts in the living room because they were smaller in size. Palmer had gotten sick the night before (the beginning of our battle with the stomach virus) so you can notice the pink puke bowl that he faithfully carried around with him for two days. Logan is not wearing any pants as a causality of sleeping with said sick brother to make room for our overnight guests.

It was kind of sad that Palmer didn't feel good on Christmas morning. He was such a trooper. In all the excitement I missed the money shot of him looking out the front door to see his 4-wheeler that he so desperately had been asking for for over a year. Palmer opened the door to follow his ribbon. He and grandpa looked outside and when Palmer saw what he was looking at he said "oh!! OH!! OHH!! it's my 4-wheeler". It was awesome. He ran outside and just as quickly ran back inside because it was really cold. That is my Palmer...so practical.

Then we followed Logan's ribbon downstairs. We have a lot of stairs. Logan loved his play house. He kicked Emily out of it right away saying "MINE". He would stick his head out the window and say "hi mom! hi dad!"
It was such a great Christmas. We were so very happy to be home and so very blessed. I hope that all of you had an amazing Christmas also.

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