Not so Victorious

And in this corner we have Bret and Adriana the seasoned parents of three, Emily, Palmer, and Logan. The have had a long on going battle with the challenger...The Stomach Bug. Thanks to their last man standing, Bret this family managed to break even with the bug about a year ago.

Round 1: Palmer was hit first and caught the parents off guard Christmas Eve night. Adriana wavered slightly when she deliriously told Palmer to stop running thinking he was headed for the presents downstairs when in reality he was making a mad dash to the toilet. Luckily their strong side, Bret caught the mistake and corrected it just in time. Round 1 goes to the parents for maintaining the mess and getting Palmer through the night and recovered enough to still enjoy Christmas Day. Although having gotten up several times during the night the parents still managed to host 25 family members that day for a 12:00 Christmas Lunch.

Round 2: The Stomach Virus laid dormant all Christmas Day and night leaving the parents to believe he had been defeated. Instead it made a surprise visit that caught the parents off guard by attacking the youngest team member Logan late the night of the 26th of December. The parents and Logan took a beating with the little one getting sick a couple of times every hour from 9pm until 2am. Although the Stomach Virus left Logan only a little weaker and tireder than before it made itself known the aftermath of diapers that were almost worse than the vomit. Round 2 goes to the Stomach Virus.

Round 3: Little time was given to the parents to recover for round three when Emily got sick first thing this morning. She has managed to get through it with the bathroom close by and long naps to sleep it off. Round three goes to the parents for teaching their oldest how to make it to the bathroom in time, rest when not feeling well, and take it easy with fluids and food until the stomach virus has passed.

Stay tuned to see if further rounds (hopefully not) manage to surface.

Happy Holidays!

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