The "woman" in my life

I have a very dear friend whose birthday is today. We have been friends since freshman year in high school. We lived together in college and are closer than ever. We have always called each other "woman".

Memories made with woman include walking home from many a parties, random guys falling through my window thinking it was her window in the middle of the night, a very funny "you have got to be kidding me" comment involving a Riley guy, all night drives to Colorado to drink/ski/see current boyfriends for the weekend, a crazy spring break trip to Padre (getting lost in Mexico), every single home kstate game for four years and the tailgating, and playing HOURS of Dr. Mario on the Nintendo.

After all of these years though there are a few memories that stand out as my top ones so far.

5. Cheering on our other two roommates when they started a knock down drag out fight with each other instead of trying to break it up.

4. Kicking out the friends of one of our roommate because he was the guy who pissed in our living room at a previous party he didn't remember.

3. When you grounded Crow from pissing at our apartment for a year for leaving the seat up and you fell in during the middle of the night.

2. Breaking into the Beta Sig house (our neighbors) to "borrow" needed cooking tools and supplies to make sugar cookies for Christmas.

1. When you turned down this dorky guy wearing a Dolphin's jersey after a concert (he was in the band) when he asked you for your phone number and I took it anyways to spare his feelings. Then I got you drunk and convinced you to call him. Turns out he made you a pretty good husband and gave you two amazing kids.

Woman has always been the kind of friend I needed when I needed it. We could talk everyday or once every few months and pick up right where we left off. When I think about us I think about the two of us as two old ladies that spend our afternoons playing each other in cards or something. I love ya woman! I hope that you have an amazing birthday and love that you will always be older than me :)

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