Bucket List

Today is my 31st birthday. So far I think the 30's are kicking the 20's ass. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and those of you who shopped got some great deals.

This past summer Bret, the kids, and I went with his family to Hawaii to celebrate his graduation. It was the most amazing trip any of us has ever taken. The kids still talk about all of the amazing things we did and got to see. Palmer regularly asks Bret when we are going back. He has a list of what he wants to do again when we do.

One of the awesome things that Bret and I did was go scuba diving. We got certified while we were still living in PA. That experience deserves a post all it's own.

This was one of the many things on my bucket list. Life is so full and amazing. I hope to live every single day to the very fullest savoring the little things. So for my 31st birthday post here is 31 things off of my bucket list that I have yet to complete.

In no particular order:

  • Eat my way through Italy

  • Learn how to make amazing bread

  • Go whale watching

  • Write a novel

  • Learn how to knit

  • Kiss my husband under the Eiffel tower

  • Go to my mom's home country, Colombia and meet her family and see where she grew up

  • Give enough money to something to have something named after me

  • Make my husband cannoli's to die for

  • Take my kids horse back riding

  • Run some kind of race (let's be realistic here I think a 5K is awesome...maybe a 1/2 marathon)

  • Teach my kids how to ski

  • See the great pyramids of Egypt with Ossama and meet his family

  • Scuba dive off the coast of Australia

  • Go to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade

  • Kiss in Time's Square at Midnight on New Year's Even

  • Take dance lessons...WITH my husband

  • Eat sushi in Japan

  • Tour the Vatican

  • Sample wine at a vineyard

  • Sleep in a real castle

  • Watch a World Cup Game in person

  • See KState play football in the championship game (in person would be nice)

  • Learn how to arrange fresh flowers

  • Wave from the top of the great wall of China

  • Run for office

  • Serve in a soup kitchen on Christmas Eve

  • Visit all 50 states

  • Play in the rain with my kids

  • Make my kids laugh so hard they pee themselves

  • Blow Glass

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