"That Mom"

This past weekend Emily had her first swim meet. I was so nervous we didn't know what to expect. Emily did awesome. She even metaled! She is so tiny that I worried that she wouldn't do well. Not that it matters to me but she really wanted to do well. She told me that she just wanted one metal. I knew that with close to 300 entrants that would be a tough act to pull off.

Since this was Emily's first meet it was really important that she get times in all of her events and not get disqualified. For her age (7) her two most difficult strokes are the breaststroke and the butterfly. She got disqualified in the breastroke but timed great in the butterfly.

This is Emily getting ready for the 25 meter backstroke. She did awesome.
Look at the girls behind her...notice any size difference?
I would just like to point out the girl on the block next to Emily's. Her leg is as big as Emily is. This was Emily doing the 50 meter freestyle. They don't have an 8 and under range for the 50 so she gets bumped up to 12 and under. It didn't bother her at all.

This is Emily's swim coach. When I first talked to her about Emily joining the swim team she gave me some resistance. She doesn't usually start the kids until they are 8. She is now one of Emily's biggest supporters.
Some of the older kids wrote on their backs for encouragement for their meet. Emily loved the idea and had one of the older girls write on her back too.

Overall it was an awesome experience and we can't wait for this weekends' meet. Every time Emily got ready to swim in a race my heart raced and tears pooled in my eyes. I can't believe I became "that mom" so quickly. I am so proud of her. At one point she took the lead in her heat and I got so choked up I could barely speak let alone cheer out loud for her. Of course I quickly got it together and started yelling my head off. This video is of Emily in her backstroke race. She won her heat and looked awesome!


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