Our Cabin

Actually it's Bret's parents' cabin but you wouldn't know it by the way the kids tell people about it. His parents have put a lot of work into making the cabin what it is. The cabin is a place where the kids can be themselves. They can enjoy things like fishing, hiking, finding rocks, smores and campfires, riding four wheelers, and even target shooting.

For Bret and I it is an escape from everyday life and a chance to slow down and spend great time with each other and our kids. There is no cell phone signal or internet and literally we are off the grid.

Even Logan gets to be one of the big kids. He loves to be outside ALL THE TIME. He loves to play with the dog, Buffy, and of course he could ride the four wheeler all day.

When Bret and I were both kids we each had a special place like this to grow up going to. For me it was the Muddy Pond and for Bret it was the farm. There was nothing really special about either place except the people we saw there and time we spent just being kids, getting dirty, and getting away from everyday life and back to nature. We are so thankful that our kids have something so great and we are also thankful that it includes an indoor bathroom (with shower) and a working kitchen to boot.

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Anonymous said...

Your kids are getting so big! Great pictures you are taking of them...wish I was that talented with a camera! Hope all is well your way with the change of seasons and back-to-school. Happy to hear also that you and the husband are getting into study groups at your church. I have been going to some Catholic churches around the area and am trying to decide if I want to take RCIA. Right now I am thinking Holy Name aka Mater Dei.