1st day of school Pics...Bette late than never

Emily has been in school for three weeks now. This week was Palmer's first full week of school (he goes three mornings a week). It is finally starting to feel like we are all getting into a routine. I thought I would post our first day of school pics since this is kind of like a record for my kids someday to read.

Palmer has a hair style that he loves..he calls it his Mohawk. Palmer was not the only one excited for his first day. Logan doesn't miss his older sibling at all when they are gone. I think he enjoys having the house and his mom to him self.

Emily is also loving her new school, friends, and teacher. One thing that I didn't expect was how much she was going to like her new school's lunches. In PA Emily wanted to pack almost everyday even when I thought it would be something she liked. I guess the cooks in KS know how to cook because she has not packed once and comes home telling me how good the food is.

She is finally getting used to her uniform and actually likes not having to decide what to wear.

Our school year is off to a great start and is already flying by.

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