New Reality

Our life routine is sometimes like a new pair of jeans...it takes some wear to feel comfortable. We are finally getting into a routine with Emily in school and Palmer just starting. Logan and I are getting to know the gym quite well and I joined a mom's group at our church. We are making friends and spending lots of time with family. It feels right and it is starting to settle in that this is our new life in this house and in this town.

There are things that I miss and am not crazy about here (our friends, restaurants, and a craft/fabric store) but overall we are all very happy.

The weather this week has been awesome and for the first time I opened all of the windows in our house and shut the air conditioner off. I LOVE IT. I still have to pinch myself to believe that this is our house. I love it more and more everyday. As I hang pictures, put up new curtains, and add little touches here and there it is feeling more and more like our own. There is still so much I want to do but it takes time.

I am loving staying home. It took a while to find my routine but I am getting there. I am working on setting up my etsy shop and have some fun projects in the works. I have a new niece that I am working on some stuff for and some Christmas presents I am trying to get a jump on. Did I mention I have been going to the gym again? Bret and I started a new diet and we are really working together to drop some weight. I won't even mention how much I have gained since we started this move. It is sad but something I am working on.

I am looking for someone to give my blog a face lift and I hope to get back into some of my craft tutorials. Halloween is just around the corner and I can almost taste fall. Things are going blissfully well. I hope you all are doing just as great.

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Abby said...

Hey friend! Love that you are keeping up with your blog and excited you guys are settling into GC! :)