Lost but not found

This week we have had some amazing weather. When Emily was running out the door Tuesday morning after a long weekend we realized just as we stepped outside that it was cool. For the first time this year she is attending a private school with required uniforms. One of the rules is that she has to wear a red sweater at school if she is cold (or a PSO sponsored sweatshirt which has not gone on sale yet this year) and on Wednesdays and Fridays for mass. So Emily ran back inside at the last minute to grab a sweater to wear during the day.

Since it has been 100+ degrees everyday so far this year it was the first time she was wearing the sweater and unfortunately I had not had the chance to label it for her yet. Of course she wears it one day and forgets it at school. The next morning she went to look for it and it was no where to be found. The teacher sent her to look in lost and found and again it was not there. This morning I went to look for myself and I found a large and a very used youth small (Emily's is a YXXS). We are out of luck. I mentioned it to the secretary but I am pretty sure we are just out of luck. Emily has one more and I have already gotten it labeled. It is going to be tough on both Emily and me to keep track of and keep clean one sweater for the rest of the year but I am kind of punishing both of us by not spending the $40 for a new one.

I am still hoping against hope that it will turn up but that is a long shot. Sometimes when you do things like this you just want to kick yourself (and the little one who lost it too).

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