This is Bret's last week before he goes back to work full time. When we were negotiating his contract back in October we thought it would be best to have a start date of August 1st. Then several months later reality hit us and we realized that we needed to move his start date up 1) because we couldn't go that long without a paycheck and 2) we would drive each other nuts home all day with the three kids for that long.

It has gone much faster than I ever could have imagined and surprisingly we have got along well. Don't get me wrong we are both ready for him to spend more of his days in the hospital again. I guess the main reason the time home has been so amazing is because of the kids. The kids have devoured the time home with their dad. Having dad fix breakfast or lunch and playing games and jumping on the trampoline out side has been the highlight of their summer. The hours spent in the pool or just watching TV together has been such a treat for them.

Logan wanders the house yelling for Bret until he finds him and then once he finds him it's like "oh there you are" and he wanders off again. When Bret goes to run errands during the day even to the hospital he takes one or both of the older kids and they about knock you over trying to get their shoes on and out the door before he changes his mind. We have gone to water parks, other people's pools, to the movies, to the mall, to visit grandparents, and spent a lot of the hot hours indoors just hanging out as a family.

Although there have been days when neither one of us want to do anything for the most part he has been a huge help getting the house in order. I am really going to miss his help when he is gone back to work. This week and last Bret has been going in to work for just a few hours a day to get "orientated" and he started to assist on surgeries and take some call this week. It has been a gradual return to work and has been a nice adjustment for us all.

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