House Tour

So we are finally getting settled in our new house. We have ordered/got a ton of furniture and curtains and are down to the last few boxes. I mentioned this to a friend and she gave me a hard time about never finishing the house tour on here so that she could see the house. So in one tour here is the rest of the house.

This is the bar in the basement. Bret loves this because it goes along really well with the soda bottle collection that he has had since he was a little kid.

This is the main part of the basement where a very large TV and sectional now sit. Although we are not crazy about the green carpet it is in really great shape so it stays for now. We spend a lot of time down here already.

This is the master bedroom. The lovely green and lace curtains are already down and we now have some new bedroom furniture that fill the space.

There is a fireplace in the master bedroom and the little nook has a chair that is going to go in it and I plan to spend lots of quiet time reading here.

This is the office. There is lots of built in bookshelves and we decided to go with a less expensive desk for now that Bret still has to put together. Right now the office is a big dumping ground that we have yet to tackle.

This is the living room. It is the first room on your left when you walk through the front door and was the hardest room for me to furnish. It is a really large room and I wanted to maximize the seating. I still have some things to order and the curtains are on their way. I really like this room and can't wait until it is finished.

Don't you just love the lace? We have filled three large trash bags with all this lace in the house. I have yet to figure out what I am going to do with it all.

See all those windows? Rods and curtains for these 7 rooms were not cheap but the lace had to go!!

This is the formal dining room and the only empty room in the house yet. When you walk out these doors it takes you to a really neat side porch. I brought four rockers from Amish country to KS with me and this is where they sit. There is a shade that we can put down but with the 100+ heat everyday we have yet to use this very much.
We are waiting to get the rest of the house set up (and a few paychecks) before we get to this room.

The last room is the kitchen. It is reason I fell in love with this house and it has not disappointed.

Here sits my huge table for 8 and another TV.

It may be a while but eventually I will post the updated pictures as we paint and decorate each room.

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