Home Stretch

This past Friday was my last day of work. We are moving in two weeks. Bret and I are officially scuba diving certified and it was one of the most terrifying yet thrilling experiences in my life. I am so relieved that diving in Hawaii or the Caribbean will be nothing like what we did (aka full wet suits, hoods, gloves, 50 degree water, and barely visible in a quarry) and so much less scary. This weekend is our yard sale. We have a ton of BBQ's, dinners, and just crap going on.

I am keeping it together....barely.

When we were 50 feet under water there was a moment of panic that I had. The only thing that I kept thinking to myself was breath and breath out. Take deep breaths and calm yourself down. When you are scuba diving panic is your number one enemy. You start to breath more shallow and quicker and then you get light headed and the panic sets in even worse.

So just like I did under water I am keeping myself calm and focusing on what needs to be done next. All the while I am reminding myself to breath in and out. I want to enjoy our last few days with our friends and enjoy this area. I don't want our final days to be pure chaos.

We got great news today that we are actually getting back money at the closing of our house we are buying. Unexpected and fun news to get and will be spent on furniture for said house. Stay tuned as From KS to PA starts the journey back to KS sooner than we ever thought possible.

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