Today was my going away lunch with my office and reception at the college. I am so thankful to have worked at place that valued their employees and was willing to be flexible and allow me to work from home. I could not have written myself a better job description for what I needed the past three years. I am sad to leave some amazing people and a great college but am way to excited about where we are going to let it get to me. With two weeks left until we move I feel like time is whirling by me.

My family and I have been coming down with some serious allergies/sinus infections/cold crap and it is really starting to get old. I don't have the time or energy to be sick right now yet my head is still swimming/pounding and my nose is still running and I am still coughing. Bret has been fighting the same thing for a week now and I know that Emily has been getting headaches too. I pray that we all start to feel much better soon than later.

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