So Long

I dread the days that are coming too soon where we will have to say our goodbyes to the amazing people we have met in our four years here in PA. Sadly these goodbyes are coming much faster for our kids as the end of school is drawing near.

Emily's soccer team that she has played with for the past two years had their parents vs. kids game and pizza party this past weekend. There was a make shift podium at the place they were eating pizza so the kids all took turns giving speeches. Some thanked the parents for pizza, several thanked the coach for a great season. Then several of Emily's team members went and said thank you to Emily for being an awesome player and friend and that they were going to miss her a lot. Emily very stoically smiled and said that she was going to miss everyone too. After hugs and a few tears we said our goodbyes.

Palmer has two classes left of preschool. I think he understands that we are moving and that he won't see his friends again but at his age it is really hard to grasp what he really understands. Emily still has class until the week before we leave in June. As we get closer and closer to the end of school I know that the reality of these goodbyes are constantly on their minds as the questions are endless.

I am relieved to know that although the goodbyes are hard both of my kids are so excited about the move. The new house, being closer to family, and that dang dog we have been promising them are all on their horizon. For every moment of sadness there are 10 of excitement and happiness about what is to come. I have talked to the parents of some of their closest friends and hope that email and letters will help to ease the hurt until time heals all. I pray that God wraps his arms around my kids and their friends and helps to quickly heal their hearts as they begin to understand what saying goodbye means for the first time.

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