House Tour- Upstairs Bedrooms

If I don't get this house tour moving along faster I will be living in the house before you get to see it all.

One of my favorite parts of the house is the stairs. I love how such a simple part of the house really is very unique to it's own style. So I took a picture of the stairs going up.

The is the upstairs landing. Upstairs we have the master bedroom and two other rooms, the bathroom, and the laundry room. The first door is the master bedroom, then the linen closet, and then Emily's room. On the right across from Emily's room is the boy's room.

Here is Emily's room. I love the little corner. I have plans to make this a fun and cozy reading area for her with a fun lamp, comfy chair, and a bookcase with all of her favorite books.

Here is the other side of Emily's room. Yes this girl gets two closets. She couldn't be happier. The room is a light taupe color but of course Emily has big plans to change this. Her color of choice...purple (what else?). We picked out some great bedding for her at Target and this room is really going to be full of color which screams Emily. We were going to buy her a full size bed but decided that if we were going to buy a new bed why not buy us one? So Emily gets our queen size bed. We think that it will be nice to have when we have extra guests.

This is the boy's room. This room is really big and has plenty of room for both boys and all of their toys. Palmer has always shared a room and was a very unhappy camper when he found out that he was no longer going to share with Emily. He has cheered up some when we have talked about a "boys only" room with Logan. On the left of this picture is their really big walk in closet.

This is the other end of the room. Even though the room is large we plan to get the boys bunk beds. We have a set picked out that has a full size bed on the bottom and twin on the top.

Stay tuned as there is still a lot of house to see!

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