Yesterday Palmer wanted to wear a new t-shirt that we had got him. He kept tugging at his shirt and stretching out the collar all day and both Bret and I kept getting after him to leave it alone. When we got home after soccer practice I was getting him ready for bed and found that he was covered from his neck to his waist both front and back in hives. I am still not sure why he never mentioned that he was itchy when I told him to leave his shirt alone. Instead he just so "OK mom" and went on playing.

Earlier that day it was raining pretty hard and we were running late in the morning. Palmer couldn't find any socks so I told him to hurry up and just wear his flip flops that it would be fine. We drove Emily to the bus stop but I decided to run a couple of errands right after. On the way into our third stop I mentioned to Palmer that wearing flip flops that day wasn't our best idea ever. With his head bobbing and everything in his most sarcastic tone possible he said "yeah you said it's fine Palmer just wear your flip flops..and that was a bad idea".

This morning Bret had to get to work early and Logan woke up when he did. So Bret picked him up and put him in bed with me. Logan slid all the way across the bed to get as close to me as possible. He put his hand on my cheek and stroke it and closed his eyes to go back to sleep. Logan is my only kid that loves to cuddle. Not just when he is tired or sick but anytime you want to hold him he doesn't just let you hold him...he actually snuggles in and cuddles. I love it.

Every month Emily brings home her kid writing journal. This is one of my favorite school projects that they work on. It is so fun to see what she writes about that is going on in her life. This was my favorite from this month

It says "I saw the wedding. Everybody was fancy. I did not know why it was long." Makes me laugh out loud.

I think that being a mom is such a gift. I am really sure how to describe why it is such a gift except that I get to be a part of these lives as the grow and learn and discover who they are and who they will be. It is the everyday moments that make me laugh and feel so very loved by these tiny beings that is my greatest blessing. To watch with such pride as Emily scores her first goal, as Logan takes his first steps, and as Palmer plays catch with his dad.

To have my kids exclaim that I am the best "mudder" ever for making goulash for dinner. To see the excitement in their eyes as they quietly tell me that they have a surprise that they made for me at school for Mother's Day but they can't tell me what it is.

Emily was sitting at the table talking about her day at school while eating a snack and all I could think about was that even though I am really biased she is so pretty.

Don't get me wrong being their mom at times is exhausting, frustrating, and at times absolutely the hardest thing I have ever done. The love for your kids is indescribable.

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