Sneak Peek

We have a contract on a house in Kansas that we cannot wait to move into. We close (keeping fingers and toes crossed that nothing goes wrong) on June 15th. I thought it would be fun to show you glimpses of the house before we move in. I was going to start with my favorite room in the house then thought it would be better to end with the best and start with the worst.

There is one room in the house that is pretty awful. It is probably one of the reasons that the house stayed on the market as long as it did. Bret and I, however thought about the potential this room has. We have a contractor that remodeled other parts of the house giving us an estimate. In the mean time though here is the worst room of the entire house...the master bathroom.

While there are a lot of positives such as it is really big and it has nice oak cabinets there is still a lot left to be desired. To start with your eyes are not deceiving you those are pink sinks. Yes that is also a hunter green Formica counter top. The laminate in the bathroom is black and white checks. Please notice the lovely lace curtains as they are a theme throughout the house. Of course the ruffle at the top is a coordinating lovely hunter green.
What bathroom would be complete without a pink shower?

The highlight of the room is the corner jet tub...also in pink and surrounded with hunter green Formica. Until we toured this home we had never seen a pink toilet either.

We love the house so much that we didn't care that the master bathroom was not really our taste. We can't wait until the contract can get in there and literally start over.

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Stephanie said...

Who would've thought that hunter green and rose pink would go together? Not me!

You're right, though, Adrianna, the bathroom has major potential and lots of space.

Can't wait to see the rest!