Ring Ring

It's your butt calling!

My name starts with Ad which means that for several of my friends I am at the top of their contacts list. This also means that I get a ton of butt dials. You know when you unknowingly call someone because you bump your phone. Some of these are pretty embarrassing.

I am not completely innocent of the butt dial. I had a good friend who for several Sundays in a row were getting the most strange calls...it was a Catholic mass on her message or when she answered. At first she thought God was trying to tell her something. Then she figured out that it was probably one of my kids playing with my phone. We both had a good laugh about that one.

Most of the time it is just a bunch of static but every now and then you hear an argument between spouses, a mom yelling at her kids, kids screaming, one time a couple that had just left our house after dinner were talking not very nicely about Bret and I , and once a blip of inappropriate chatter about the night before...ewww! I always try and hang up or delete the message right away but it is hard not to listen to. I mean it's kind of like not looking at a car accident as you drive by. I also kind of feel that if you don't lock your phone you are kind of asking for it too. I have learned to ALWAYS lock my phone shortly after the church incident years ago.

Today I was surprised to see a call from a friend I haven't talked to in close to a year. Turns out she wasn't calling to talk. In fact she didn't realize she had even called me. With kids screaming in the background as she tried to order McDonald's for lunch I could tell she was a little busy. Maybe her butt was trying to her something.

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