Winter is coming....

Ok so for most of us winter is HERE. Actually this is a really famous quote from a book that Bret and I are reading. The book, A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin, is the first in a series and the basis for the new Showtime Series starting in April. We have had pretty good luck in reading books turned into a series (Trueblood, Sex and the City, Pillars of the Earth, etc) and decided to give it a try. I have mentioned before the Bret and I very rarely read the same books. This is one of the very few. It is funny though because I quickly read through the big battle scenes and talk of war and whose bannermen pledge allegiance to who. He on the other, quickly skims the loves scenes and drama about who betrayed who and who is plotting against who. Lucky for us there are plenty of each. They really are great books although the first one starts slowly.

I have already started the second book and Bret is about half way through the first. It drives him nuts that I know more than him so he has been spending more free time reading than before. I LOVE it when Bret and I are reading the same book or watching the same shows. It is nice to have something we share. I know that sounds funny since we are married and share every aspect of our lives together but this is different. It is something else to talk about. We have our favorite characters and very different theories on what is going to happen. The dialogue is very different so we are even quoting the book. We are looking forward to the new show starting.

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