Vomit, Explosive Diapers, and Ice Skating

Ok so not all at once just in one weekend.

Palmer was sick last Thursday but felt back to normal by the end of the day. When we woke up on Friday morning realizing no one else had gotten sicken during the night and seemed fine we thought maybe we had been in the clear.

Friday was a beautiful day outside so I decided to take the kids to the track and let them run around and kick a soccer ball while I jogged with Logan in the stroller. Two miles felt great and the kids had a lot of fun just being outside.

Just about the time I got home I realized...hmm I don't feel so good. I mentally went through the normal check list and thought that I wasn't hungry so it wasn't like a "forgot to eat before I worked out" sort of nausea. Two miles for me isn't really that big of a push either so it wasn't like a "over did it working out" sort of nausea. About the time I had a "oh crap I caught Palmer's stomach bug" thought I was running to the bathroom. Then I just had the repeat button on for the next 10 hours.

Thank goodness Bret was home. In my blur of running to the bathroom and then collapsing on the couch I somewhere off in the distance realized that Bret later that night was cursing the decision to order pizza for him and the kids. You know since Logan decided to get sick in crib all night. Then even later in the evening in her own words Emily said "my mouth turned into a faucet but instead of water came...". Awesome.

It was bad. Like really bad. I think my stomach finally kept tiny sips of water down at about 2 am. At about 4 am Bret helped me back to bed and we passed out in exhaustion. Come Saturday morning all three kids were up by and at it by 8 am like nothing the night before ever happened. Everyone wanted breakfast and they were ready to go for the day. I could barely lift my head up without the room starting to spin and every muscle in my body throbbed. My head felt like it was going to explode. You guys I have never felt so weak before and I just don't recover like I used to. So we spent the entire day in our PJ's. We (the kids and Bret) had cereal, PB&J, and whatever else they could find in the pantry to eat for the day and we did nothing. Absolutely nothing except take some awesome naps.

Earlier in the week I had made plans to meet some friends at the ice skating rink with the kids. Bret took a well deserved afternoon off at home with Logan. After spending the morning cleaning (disinfecting), doing laundry (Bret did laundry cause I couldn't even open the door to the back porch were we kept the sheets, towels, etc), and groceries the kids were bouncing off the walls excited to go. Ice skating with the kids was a blast. Pictures and more to come.

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LOLA said...

I like My mouth turned into a faucet. Kids are so clever and wonderfully honest.

Infinities of love,