This weekend our laptop died. Like wouldn't start except in safe mode died. Something about a video card that fried. All I know is that the computer won't work anymore and the first thing I did was worry about our pictures. Yes I know that we should be backing everything up like twice a day but honestly we never have. Before we moved to PA we burned a ton of files and pictures on to disks just in case something happened during the move but that was almost three years ago. I have no idea where those disks even are.

So Bret spent a large portion of this weekend saving everything off our laptop. By everything I mean a handful of documents, spreadsheets, and files. The overall majority of what we had to save was pictures. As in 12G's of pictures. That is just over 10,000 pictures.

10,000 pictures. I knew we had a lot pictures. I had no idea we had that many. We bought our first digital camera when I was pregnant with Emily. From before we had kids we have about 5 albums plus our wedding album. These albums consist of a handful of pictures from high school for each of us. We have pictures from our first trip together to Padre for spring break, a trip we made to the KState bowel game, our engagement pictures, our honeymoon, college graduation, various parties during college, and a trip with friends to Colorado when I was pregnant with Emily (not in that order).

Everything that was on the laptop was from when Emily was born and after. Bret and I spent hours looking through pictures. With the exception of the albums mentioned before these 10,000 pictures are the pictures of our life together. Pictures of when each child was born, the many many holidays, birthdays, graduations, our different homes, new vehicles, pets, and many many firsts (first day of preschool, first steps, first solid foods, dance class, soccer games, swimming, snow, etc, etc). We commented about how much everyone changed. Our weight, hairstyles, and clothes. Our friend's weight, hairstyles, and clothes. Kids of our friends' have grown up so much.

Believe me when I tell you that it is like a time warp. The memories that are wrapped around each picture come rushing back as if you were there. Here are a few of our favorites.

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