Get Goin'

There is this energy powder that is called "get goin'" and I desperately need some. Energy that is.

We had a great Christmas. I was thinking the other day as I was wrapping presents what I wanted our Christmas with the kids to be like and the best word to describe it is euphoric. I want the kids to feel so excited that they could just die. We accomplished this by leaps and bounds. Knowing that we were heading to KS for Christmas and knowing that we did not want to lug presents there just to turn around and lug them back we decided to have Santa visit early.

Earlier that day I surprised Emily at school with a fun project of making reindeer food with her class. Determined to try and get Santa to come early she had dropped the food outside right away. When we got back from Chinese lights in the apartment were on and the reindeer food was gone. The kids rushed into the house and the sorting of presents began. Bret took some pictures of Palmer and all we got was a blurr. Then next hour or so was just one squeal of delight after another. Even Logan was excited.

After three more Christmas' all before Christmas my small children were a little confused about Christmas day. They had had "Christmas" all week long. I miss the waking up on Christmas morning excitement but hopefully we will be able to get back to that in the coming years.

We are home again and are all working to get back to normal. We are so very very blessed and excited to ring in the new year.

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