Please don't bite

How do you communicate that to a 9 month old baby? In the last week Logan has bitten me while nursing at least a dozen times. It is all I can physically do to stop my self from throwing him off of me and across the room when he does this. It really hurts!

The first time I was so shocked that I yelled at him "NO! NO!". In response he tucked under his bottom lip and gave me the most hurt and pathetic look I have ever seen. I immediately felt horrible especially after he very carefully latched back on and started nursing again. Until he did it again. This time I set him on the floor and walked away while he cried so hard he couldn't breath. After a minute or two I came back in and finished nursing him with no further incident.

So this is the routine when he bites. I firmly tell him no, set him on the floor to indicate we are done nursing, give it a few minutes and then resume nursing. I don't think he is doing it on purpose or even realizes he is doing it. Sometimes he bites when he very first latches on which makes me think he is overeager. Other times it's when he gets distracted. My goal has been to keep nursing until he is a year old. Now I'm not so sure. It hurts enough that now I'm gun shy when he first latches worried if he is going to bite.

I love nursing my sweet baby boy and I know he loves it too but if he doesn't start watching those teeth this milk bar will close.

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