With the cool weather this week and forecasted for next week to it is safe to say that we are on our way into fall. I'm not really sure I have a favorite season. There are so much that I love about each season and I love that as each season approaches I am anxious to the things I love about it one.

With the cool weather I am ready for jeans, warm sweaters, and cozy scarfs. I am looking forward to picking apples, crock pot meals, chili, and more soups. With fall comes Halloween (we are already talking about what we want to be this year) and Thanksgiving. Of course that means Black Friday shopping and my big 3-0 birthday.

We have already had school start and soccer. As Bret and I begin our search for a job and new home one thing is for sure. We need seasons. I'm not sure how I would ever get used to weather being the same every day with varying degrees. Although I curse the snow after the 5th time or blast the hot humidity and wind I would still miss it terribly.

I think when we leave Pennsylvania I will truly miss the mild weather we have so enjoyed. Although KS has seasons it always seems so much more extreme. What is your favorite thing about fall?

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randi said...

I grew up without seasons in AZ. So I appreciate watching the world visibly change and feeling the air turn crisp. I love the smells, the food, and the activities of fall (Although summer is still my favorite).