Today was my sister's baby shower and it just sucked that I couldn't be there. I have thrown so many showers for so many friends and the one shower I always assumed I was practicing for will not happen this time around...for this I am sad.

I was going to write a long sappy post about how awesome of a mom my sister is going to be and how I have prayed for a long time for this to happen for her..but I'm not going to tonight. Her husband's grandmother passed away last night and this has her a little blue. My sister is prone to tears (hormones only makes it worse) and since she has shed her fair share recently I decided to not add to it. Don't worry I will save that post for later as it will still come.

Instead I will tell you a few of my favorite stories of when we were kids and the things I talked her into. When my sister was little I was so mad at her that I told her she better not go to sleep that night because I planned to shave her eyebrows off while she was sleeping. Katie moved her dressed in front of the door every night for a week and didn't sleep worried that I was trying to catch her off guard. I actually forgot the threat completely shortly after I made it.

Little did my sister know that a few years later I would actually remove most of her eyebrows only instead of shaving them I would pluck them. Convincing my sister that her brows needed shaped before a dance and that I was perfectly capable of doing so I had a hard time getting them even so more and more kept coming off until all that was left was a very tiny line on each side. I think she still has issues with people messing with her brows because of me.

In high school for her sweet sixteenth birthday I invited all of her friends over and we decorated her car very early in the morning. Then we woke her up and kidnapped her in her PJ's and took out for breakfast before school. She was surprised, mortified, and happy all at once.

My sister and I were both in debate and had a tournament early Saturday morning. I had been out late Friday night and when I came home I fell asleep in her room for a few minutes and woke up thinking that we were running incredibly late for the tournament. I woke Katie up and told her that we were late and she needed to hurry and get into the shower first. Katie not knowing any better hurried into the shower (not realizing that it was close to 3 am). When mom woke up to find out what the heck she was doing in the shower at the wee hours of the morning Katie told her we were running late. She was not happy to find me sleeping soundly in her bed.

The stories continue during my first year of college when she came to visit and got drunk for the first time and later when we lived together and she tagged around with Bret and I all the time. Bret and I went and saw a movie one time without her and when she got mad Bret told her that "sometimes mom and dad want a night alone once in a while".

As a surprise for her wedding morning Bret and I paid for and ordered a big breakfast to be delivered to her room. She and her husband sent it back saying they didn't order it and didn't want to pay for it. The staff didn't realize until they took it back what had happened.

When my sister and I were kids we fought like crazy. I remember my two cousins and aunts telling us that someday we would be best friends. Neither of us believed them for a second but turns out they were right.

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Darci said...

=) Stephanie and I fought all the time too and everyone told us we would be friends and we are too! It's a good life.