Happy 6th Birthday!

I am writing this the night before because I knew I wouldn't get through it without crying...this is a warning for my hormone prone sister :)
Dear Emily,
You are six years old! Mostly this just means that it is time to start the count down again for next year but that just makes it that much more fun. I love how you have a count down for your "birthday celebration" (your actual birthday) and your party.
I can't believe you are six years old. I know I always say that about all three of you kids but six is hitting me hard this year. Maybe it's because it feels like we have gone through so many milestones this year.
You lost your first tooth, learned how to swim (and are a champ at it and can dive), learned how to ride your bike without training wheels, and will start kindergarten this year. You became a big sister for the second time and we are now totally out numbered.

You more than anyone inspire me. You are afraid of nothing and will try everything (even sushi) at least once. You have a memory that comes back to haunt me often...you never forget. You are over dramatic about everything. Boo boos are such a big deal for someone who is fearless. I love how when you are really upset you have to go lie down in your room until you feel calmed down...all on your own doing. You (like me) worry that people are mad at you (it breaks my heart after I yell at you about something when you come back 20 minutes later and ask me if I'm still mad at you) and really want people to like you. They do.

Everyone loves you. You have so many kids who love you and just want to be your friend. The number of birthday parties each year has forced it's own spot in our family budget there are so many. Kids at the park tell their parents "her name is Emily and she is my friend" and you probably have only played with them once but they all know you. Dad and I credit most of our friends outside of residency to you.

Since you were born people have told you how beautiful you are...I couldn't agree more. You are stunning. Sometimes when I see pictures of you it takes my breath away. I know I'm biased. Dad and I have no idea where you get this from cause neither of us are that photogenic.
Besides the looks you are smart. Your sheer determination gets you so far. You figure things out on your own and love being challenged. You spend so much time working in your workbooks and doing mental math with us. It is exhausting sometimes keeping up with you with the math problems to give you or the countless number of books we read but we wouldn't give up for the world. I love to watch you paint because it so peaceful.

Your brothers are your biggest fans. Palmer worships you. He is always wondering where his sister is and follows you everywhere. He would do anything you told him to...be careful about that. Logan looks at you with such love. You can always get him to smile. Even though I scolded you a little I thought it was hilarious that you fed him your yogurt because he didn't have to chew it and he loved it. You have even changed his diaper without me knowing it until it was done. You are his little mother and such a great helper.

Although you and dad butt heads sometimes you are his little girl and always will be. There is nothing better than seeing the pride in his eyes when he watches you ride your bike or swim. He loves that you love math as much as he does and he is so sure that you are going to do something great with your life. He also knows that his shotgun (as a prop) will come in great use during your dating days as we are both sure there will be many.

I know that at six years old and for the next several years growing up to be an adult seems like such a magical thing. I promise you it will come soon enough. Too soon for us. Even if Aunt Katie, Aunt Kyla, and maybe mommy only has boys from here on out we have you our only girl. The best big sister or cousin any kid could ever ask for and the best daughter a mother or father could ever dream of.

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Katie said...

Thanks for the warning, I needed it :) This was such a great post to Emily!!! So true to the heart about her awesome personality. The pics were perfect also :)