Seven Years

It doesn't seem possible that it has been seven years since we said I Do. We have been together for 10 years. Bret and I were 19 years old when we met. I think about who I was then and who I am now. I think about who Bret was and who he is now. I don't know how much we will change from 30-40 and 40-50 but I do know that from 19-29 we have both changed a lot. From irresponsible, partying, freshman college students to who we are now I sometimes don't even recognize ourselves. We have grown up together. We have become parents, a doctor and college administrator.

In the past seven years we have:

  • moved 4 times
  • bought and sold a house
  • owned/sold 5 vehicles
  • been pregnant 4 times and had 3 children
  • graduated from school 4 times
  • said goodbye to loved ones (sometimes forever)
  • struggled through family crisis'
  • survived parental marriage problems
  • had 4 different jobs
  • changed income levels so many times it makes my head spin
  • racked debt up/paid debt off/racked debt up/paid debt off/etc/etc
  • went on 2 cruises/Disney World/NYC/DC/Chicago/Colorado/Atlantic City
  • had our hairline recede beyond the point of return/got our first grey hairs
  • been at our lowest points ever (luckily not at the same time)
  • laughed until we cried
  • cried until we laughed
  • owned a dog and a bunny
  • felt like we have been married for 50 years
  • wondered how seven years could have gone so fast

I don't even pretend to know what is going to happen in the next seven years or the seven years after that. I do know that the only person I want to spend it with is my husband.

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