7 year itch

A few years ago the US census reported that the average marriage that ended in divorce was in year eight. In more recent years this has changed to year two. After a book and then a Marilyn Monroe movie the term 7 year itch became more and more common.

The idea is that after 7 years of marriage the couple begins to take inventory of their lives together and decide that married life is not what they thought it would be and decide to cut their losses. For others the seven year itch is more that their marriage is in a rut. They are bored so they start to seek out something else....usually someone else.

Monday is Bret and I's seven year anniversary. Bored or in a rut are definately not terms we would use to describe our marriage. Sometimes we both long for a little less excitement or change. I feel reassured that there is no itching going on here.

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