New Sounds

With the exception of the middle and during those rare naps where everyone is sleeping at the same time our house is a constant source of noise. The TV playing, Palmer's toys making car/dinosaur/shooting noises, Bret's video game, music playing, the kids laughing/talking/fighting, etc, etc. It is rarely quiet. I wouldn't have it any other way. On the very rare occasion that I am home alone the stillness makes the house feel empty.

Recently there has been a new sound filling our ears. Logan has found his voice. His sweet little coos, gurgles, and light squels make us all smile. Emily and Palmer sit in front of him waiting for him to make noises. He is still pretty new to his voice so it takes a lot of effort and concentration to get things out and he makes funny smiley faces working on it.

It's good to know that in this house of noise and chaos Logan is starting to fit right in.


Katie said...

That is such a cute picture of him!!!

randi said...

I love it when they find their voice! Jonathan found his scream yesterday, not quite as cute as the coo, but I'll take it :).

I love the expression in Logan's picture.