Passing it around

Last week Emily had a stomach virus. A few days later and I thought that maybe, just maybe the rest of us had made it unaffected. Not so.

The night of the trolley party Bret had a pretty good time (aka took full advantage of his DD). So of course the next day when he was "really sick" I gave him a hard time about being hung over. He was sick all day and couldn't keep anything to eat or drink down. After that many hours of getting sick I had to admit that even I wasn't sure it was just a bad hang over (although I wasn't about to admit it to him). Just around dinner time we had confirmation that it was probably the same stomach bug Emily had when Palmer started to throw up too.

Poor Palmer was up all night and is still having a pretty rough day. Bret went to work for a half day but is back at home laying on the couch as well. Emily's class has a theme where each week a student is chosen to be "star student" for the whole week. That student gets to bring in a poster all about them, choose their favorite snack one day, choose the book they read, have a parent come in for a special activity, and have show and tell all by themselves for one day. Of course this was Emily's week to be star student and she is super excited.

So excited that she was up, dressed, brushed her teeth, and came and woke me up to tell me that we had been get to moving or she was going to be late. There was no way she was going to stay home with me and Palmer and miss one of her 5 days. So Palmer and I got our butts out of bed and took Emily to school.

Palmer seems to be feeling a little better and I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I don't get it. I get dehydrated really easy anyways and pregnancy does not help that at all. Being the "mom" and keeping your distance from sick kids really doesn't go together. Maybe now that everyone else has gone through it we will all be healthy for the rest of the season. I can hope right?

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