Life is still happening

In all of the holiday and baby hubbub around our house I sometimes forget that everyday life still goes on.

Tuesday night Bret was working late (9 pm at this time) and I was reading while the kids were in bed. All of a sudden I see Palmer run from their room into the kitchen. He comes running back towards his room with a huge stack of napkins.

"Palmer, what are the napkins for?"

"Emily made a big mess and I need paper towels!"

About this time I hear Emily getting sick in the bathroom. Ugh.

I know I have mentioned before that I don't do well with pukey kids...at all. When I'm not pregnant I don't do very well with the whole clean up thing but when I am it is hopeless. Any restraint to not vomit myself goes right out the window. The minute the smell hits my nose I was right next to Emily in the bathroom getting sick myself.

Needless to say there was a page to Bret with the response "You need to come home...NOW". Not one to let Emily sick in her puke covered PJ's I managed (read: puked only 3 times) to get it off her and her in the tub to try and wash her hair. OK, enough details as I'm getting queasy just writing about it.

Tomorrow Palmer is having his tear ducts probed and that is always fun (definitely being sarcastic). Top it all of with a busy weekend and it is no wonder why the past 35 weeks have flown by so fast and the next 4-5 weeks will fly even faster.

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