Trade ya!

I was talking to my sister on my way home from work and I asked her what she was doing. To my surprise she told me that she was grocery shopping for a friend. What? Is your friend sick or something? Her reply was no she wasn't sick she just hated grocery shopping. My sister on the other hand loves to grocery shop. While at first I thought "wow, you need more to do in life" it got me thinking.

There are definitely household chores that I loath. On the other hand there are some chores that I don't mind at all...in fact you could say that I tend to enjoy. What if I were part of a close group of friends and we traded the chores we didn't like for ones that we did.

So here is the list of chores that I don't like to do: laundry, ironing, cleaning the bath tub, cleaning out the fridge, and sweeping/scrubbing the kitchen floor.

On the other hand here are the chores that I really enjoy: cooking, surface cleaning (vacuuming, dusting, picking up clutter), gift shopping, anything for the kids' school activities (party treats, costumes, etc).

My mom is an ideal candidate for this swapping idea. She loves to do laundry and lives to iron. When she comes to stay with Bret and I she actually pulls clean clothes out of the closet to iron them (you know like Bret's dress shirts or slacks that I hang directly out of the dryer and Emily's dresses that have never been pressed...ever). She is also a very impressive folder. She can fold sheets so perfect you think they came right out of a package. Last time she stayed with us she completely refolded and organized my entire linen closet. When you look at it now you can tell exactly what has been used since she left and what hasn't by how it's folded. On the other hand my mom is not much for cooking or anything crafty. Growing up we had the same handful of meals rotated (meatloaf, spaghetti, pork chops w/ potatoes, etc). She loathes cooking and she hates baking even more. It's just not her thing. She loves coming to stay with me cause she loves my cooking. Just think of the possibilities!!

So in this ideal world of mine what chores would you love to give up and what would you be happy to do for something else in return?


Brittney said...

Great idea!! I loathe cleaning the bathrooms and dusting. But I like vaccuuming, laundry and dishes:)

Caroline said...

How cool. I'll have to see if I can find a friend to swap with. Does your mom live close? I hate laundry.

Adriana said...

Unfortunately my mom lives pretty far away right now. Maybe someday she will live closer. Brittney I can handle bathrooms and dusting. LOL!